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Get Ready to   
Create, Publish, and Market Your 
Book or Program! 

Pam Robertson says,

"I've made a commitment to ensure there are no more starving writers!"
Get Your Book or Program Launched!

In addition to a full day's worth of training, you'll receive the following bonuses as part of Beyond Writing: 

  • Goal Setting that Works 
  • Success Tips from Writers Who Write for a Living 
  • How to Get Free Publicity for Your Book
  • Recording Video that Gets Noticed
  • Business Acceleration Plan
  • 10 Reasons You Should Write a Book

And these as well!

  • How to Create a Book Trailer
  • Why Every Coach/Consultant/Superstar (that's you) Needs to Write a Book 
  • How to Work with an Accountability Partner
  • How to Get Endorsements 
  • How to Approach Publishers
  • How to Set Up Your Amazon and Chapters Author Profiles
"I'll Teach You How to Create, Publish, and Market Your Book So You Can Accelerate Your Career, Increase Your Income, and Celebrate New Possibilities!"
"This program is open and just $649 CDN 
but there are only 20 spaces available! "
If you're seeing this window, that means it's open for you!
Why "Beyond Writing" Is
The Best Program for Writers to Position, Leverage, and Sell Their Book or Course - Even if You've Never Written a Book Before!
Most writers who publish a book sell an average of 200 copies. Our goal is for you to launch a best-seller so you can do what previous graduates of Pam's programs have done.
We are not happy with "average" around here. We'll help you create something that is exceptional and leads to:  

  • Expert Positioning  - Write a book your audience is keen to read because it will inform, educate, and inspire them. 
  • Grow Your Career - Negotiate your next venture at above the going rate, just as S.K., B.W., and J.L. have done! 
  • Create Your Ideal Future - make the money and have the lifestyle you desire because you've already done the work! 

BEYOND WRITING includes:      

  • For the full program, up to two hours of coaching PLUS we'll review up to 2000 words of your writing! 

Both the full and lite program include: 

  • Getting Started
  • Aiming for a Best-Seller
  • Book-Writing Goals
  • Refining Your Message
  • Doing Your Homework
  • Outline and Organize Your Content
  • Anthologies and Text Books
  • Goal Setting, Deadlines, and Time Management
  • Dealing with Distractions, Procrastination, and Other Book Killers

  • Choosing a Publishing Platform
  • They Will Judge Your Book by its Cover
  • The Quality of Your Pages
  • Essential Marketing Strategies
  • Recruit Your Launch Team
  • Set up Book Launching Events
  • Getting on the Best-Sellers List

…And More!

Let's face it...
There are lots of book writing and publishing and marketing programs out there. There are programs that promise you can have any book get to best-seller status. There are programs that promise you can write your book in a weekend.

So, let me be very clear. 

Beyond Writing is NOT a quick get rich scheme, and it's NOT a fill in the blank or hire a ghostwriter program. This is a system to help you create the book or program you've been waiting for.

This is a program to help you get your message out, the one that will resonate with your audience, establish your credibility and expertise, and the one your audience has been waiting for. 

And that's not all. 

With Beyond Writing you get the inside scoop on how to position your book, how to promote, sell, and leverage your message into multiple income streams. 

Writers who go through this program have ended up with lucrative raises even when they work for and write within a company. They have book deals with publishers, or they self publish and sell enough books to have their own best-seller. They have invitations to speak at conferences and get paid. They connect with more clients. They are empowered to take action and influence others.
Writing a Book is Not for Everyone

Beyond Writing is not the program for you if: 

  • You're not ready to share your story or message. 
  • You don't hold a deep commitment to write, publish, and market your book just yet
  • You are looking for a fill in the blank or writer for hire book writing program. 
  • You want to write a children's book (that would be a different course). 
  • Your book requires an extensive research component which has not been completed yet. 
Athabasca Waterfall taken by Pam Robertson
You Could Literally Be Just A Few Smart Strategies Away from Your Own Best-Seller and Beyond Writing Will Help You
Get There!
You'll Have My Personal Support
Learn how writing as a discipline is the key to getting your book adventure off the ground! Then, learn how working with your very own coach can make the difference between your book being an idea, and being in the hands of your fans!
A Few Words from Pam

Has This Happened to You?

You start on a project - you're ready to write that book or turn it into a program - and after a few days...or a week...or a few months, you hit the brick wall and start asking questions like, "what was I thinking?" "I can't do this!" or "I don't have time for this."

That wall is a piece of resistance, self-doubt, and the writer's block you've heard of. 

I'm not going to let those things happen to you. Instead, I am going to urge you to pick up the phone, or send me a note. I'll give you the whisper in your ear - or the proverbial kick in the butt - to help you keep going! 

When we work together in Beyond Writing, you will have my personal number to call when you need expert guidance, support, or feedback in a quick 15 minute call, or by email, or text. 

An important note

This isn't the program for anyone who's not serious or willing to put their money where their keyboard is. If I were to have people in the program like that, I wouldn't have the time to devote to people who are really serious, and have a burning desire to get their book finished and launched quickly and in stellar, superstar fashion! Please don't register if you don't understand that it takes money to join the program, and it takes money to create a best-seller. I know you'll make a lot more, I just don't want you stuck in a trap wishing it was free, or hoping for the cheaper but takes forever method. 

You're not TOO busy, are you? 

I know you're very busy and you might be wondering if it's really possible for you to write your own book when you're so strapped for time. Let me tell you right now, it is possible. This is how I operate, and I love life! And, it doesn't have to be hard. It will take your commitment, some planning, and a strategic approach to time management. Like anything we really want, writing a book will take time and energy, but I'll show you how to love the process. 
If YOU are ready for Beyond Writing so that you can create, publish, and market your best-seller, then register now! These spaces will fill fast, and you won't want to miss out on the full day seminar or the growing list of amazing bonuses! 

Click the Registration button and get started on this amazing experience! Don't delay, because there are only 20 spaces open right now. Join Beyond Writing for the full day online seminar on August 23, 2016 (everything will be recorded for you), plus all your amazing bonuses. Register Now! 

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